No More Riding Trains In June


A year ago today, we had a little situation. On a train. When stepping from the train to the platform, Roozle’s beloved stuffed bunny, Nummy, tumbled on to the tracks to certain death. Luckily, we were able to notify the driver of the next train who thankfully stopped his train just feet before Nummy, picked him up, and returned him, unharmed, to a very thankful little Roozle.

I blogged about Nummy’s rescue and it was picked up by JP Patch, The Boston Globe, and then the Associated Press. We had a press conference. We thanked all those who helped. It ruled.

This week, on the same Orange Line, the news hasn’t been about a saved stuffed bunny. On Tuesday evening I watched a man fall onto the Orange Line tracks at the same time the train was expected to come. Other passengers jumped into the pit to save him. It was awful. And terrifying. And he was hurt. But he is alive, thankfully, because of those who helped. And yesterday, a woman was killed on the tracks by Roozle’s school.

After what I saw Tuesday, and even with Nummy, it’s hard to believe that more of this doesn’t happen more often. The guy I saw fall was pretty intoxicated. He walked right in front of me. But I thought, certainly I’ve been that intoxicated before? Or maybe not, but close? I mean, he was okay enough to pay and get down the stairs to the platform. And what about kids? It made me think of being on the Red Line last week and an MBTA worker was on the platform. I assume he was there to make sure everyone was safe and all was well. Maybe we always need that. Should the public really be allowed to just linger on platforms able to plunge to their death at any moment? Okay, maybe I’m taking it too far. But I saw the guy fall. It was just too easy.

I’ve learned a few things, though. When you’re waiting for the train, wait at the furthest end of the platform where the start of the train will be. That way if you fall in, the train will be going the slowest before it gets to you. Or it will have a chance to see you and stop. The guy who fell, was closer to where the end of the train stops. When the train did come, about a minute later, it went its fastest by where he had been. So you don’t want to be there. Also, I’ve learned that maybe I shouldn’t ride trains in June anymore.

Author: Casey

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