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This week was a full one. Roozle had both Monday and Friday off from school. Friday for parent teach conferences at her preschool. This one was our last, as Roozle will be leaving this school in the fall. Thankfully, on Tuesday, we heard back from Boston Public Schools that they were able to correct their error, and she will be able to go to the school she was originally assigned to. PHEW.

Monday’s challenge was to go on an adventure. Did you do it? My adventures this week were all about commuting. And a big adventure on two different trains to go pick up a used folding bike and bring it back to my office in the rain (and I got lost). Totally fun. And wet. And heavy.

We went to visit my parents last weekend so we could drop Roozle off and go on a much needed lunch date. And Roozle stuck her face in some whipped cream. Like Pippi. Of course.

Our week was also full of trains. To the brim. It’s been non-stop train play here, train tracks, trains being carried around with us every where we go, and play play play with the trains. I presented a train track dilemma: Do you pick up the tracks or put them away? You had all different kinds of answers, including, just ask Roozle, and buy a train table, or build a train track platform to store under the couch. Roozle doesn’t mind that they get put away, it seems, as I usually put them away. She’s actually more likely to play with them again in the morning if they are put away than left out. Sometimes, though, she works really hard (those bridges!) and likes it left out. Fair enough. We live in 900 square feet, so having train tracks out for a day or so isn’t too awful, but any longer than that can’t happen. And there’s no room around here for a train table.

On Wednesday was a Spring Scavenger Hunt for Urban Baby Bonnets! So fun!

Thursday was about letting Roozle take my picture. It’s also the day that the Mommy Short’s Epic Baby Hair Contest went viral, putting Roozle’s baby hair on the front page of the Huffington Post. She’s first in the slideshow, as Jack Nicholson.

And Friday, I wrote a bit about our Quest To Stay Car-Light, as we approach a new schedule and new school for Roozle in the fall.

I also spent lots of time on Instagram, both for myself and for Lesbian Family. I love it over there. My phone battery doesn’t, though, but I’m working on that.

What did you write this week?
What projects are you working on?
What are you reading?
What are you listening to?
What are you celebrating?

Author: Casey

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