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This week certainly could’ve been better. We never had enough time. We ate out too much. We were extra tired. But there was lots of coffee (afternoon lattes!) and bike rides and train rides and more coffee.

There was weekending, a new bike setup for Roozle, nearly a full week of eating breakfast, a morning adventure before school, a new series: This Rules, and the big disaster of the week, when Roozle was mistakenly reassigned from the school she was going to in the fall to a new one EVEN THOUGH we did everything right to get her off the wait list for the other school. And then a quiet Friday night of falling asleep the moment after posting Friday’s post here.

I plan to update the school disaster post with any updates, if you’re interested in following along. I won’t hear anything this weekend as they won’t be looking into it until Tuesday, though.

Around the Internet:

The lovely Dresden included a bit from me last week on a piece about graduation speeches she worked on for Babble: Commencement Speakers Wish List. Thanks Dresden!

Roozle is a finalist in the Mommy Shorts Epic Heads of Baby Hair Search for her amazing Jack Nicholson baby hair. SO AWESOME.

And of course I spent another weekend as the weekend DJ over at Lesbian Family!

What are you doing this weekend?
What are you writing?
What are you working on?

Author: Casey

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