Friday Night


It’s Friday night. Roozle has to sleep in clothes because there’s no clean laundry and her pajama bin is empty. The cats ate out of regular bowls because theirs are in the dishwasher. We convinced Roozle’s friend’s dad to take his girls out to dinner with us so none of would have to cook. And three girls are sometimes easier than one. He didn’t need much convincing.

Roozle fell asleep with a stuffed animal on her face and a bed full of trains. My living room is full of the tracks. We ate ice cream on the couch after she went to sleep and went to bed before 9pm.

Tomorrow there will be laundry and errands and trains. So much of the trains lately. Hopefully it won’t all start too soon. We’re tired. But we’ll do it all again. Because we have to. And because, even when it’s hard, it totally rules.

Author: Casey

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