Eat Breakfast


Roozle told me that granola is her favorite thing to have for breakfast so I asked her what she thinks my favorite is. Her answer: coffee.

She’s right. I don’t eat breakfast. Ever. I don’t like it. It makes me feel a little sick. And I need all the room for all the coffee. So much coffee. Like two or three cups of coffee at home and then a medium iced coffee from The Latte Store and often, too often, a little latte in the afternoon. It’s a problem. But definitely not one I want to deal with at all.

Last week, I drank more water. That ruled. I may even drink more water now, like as a thing. I may be a water drinker. We’ll see.

But for now, I need to figure out how to do something other than nothing for breakfast. Breakfast is good for you. Or something. Right? And STARVING at lunch time and wanting to hurt people isn’t really working out.

This week’s challenge is to eat breakfast. If you already eat breakfast, try to eat a healthier breakfast. And if you already do that, well, then you totally rule and you get a week off. For the rest of us, it’s breakfast time! I’m going to start small. With toast. At work. My big plan is to bring a loaf of bread and peanut butter to work for the week and make a slice of toast when I get to the office every morning.

Do you eat breakfast?
What do you have?
Do you need to work on your breakfasting?
Will you join me?

Author: Casey

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