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This week ruled. Roozle and I walked to the Latte Store every morning before school. It’s my favorite way to start the day. There was lots of scootering, singing, skipping, racing, and a whole lot of stopping. Getting Roozle to move in a forward direction can sometimes feel impossible. The walk still rules though. It’s always more awesome than it is not awesome. The rest of the week went that way too. A whole lot of not awesome, but more so awesome. So we made it.

I had lots of afternoon coffees which led to a bit of a site redesign. If you’re reading on mobile or email or RSS, you’re totally missing out. I still have a bit of work to do with it, and always will, but for now, I’m liking what’s happening.

As for the writing, it was a big week! It started with a post about lesbian motherhood on the Huffington Post. This was my first original content piece there, a piece I was asked to write for them for a series. This whole “Can you write about this for us?” thing is BLOWING MY MIND. Totally awesome.

In other firsts this week, Roozle rode in her first bike parade, on her own, not as a passenger. Go Roozle Go! And, my first real life blog giveaway is going on right now! I think it ends Sunday… so hurry up and enter for a FREE Urban Baby Bonnets bonnet of your choosing! AND my first post for the Urban Baby Bonnets blog went live on Monday!

Also on the blog, our favorites for traveling with a preschooler, drinking more water, and climbing trees. Life rules.


What did you write about this week?

What do you want to see more of here?

How was your week?

Author: Casey

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