5 Must Haves For A Traveling Preschooler

We just returned home from our second away vacation with Roozle. Both vacations were very successful, mostly to the credit of a few key items we packed for our trip.


Last year, we brought our Kindle Fire with headphones for Roozle to watch a few shows on the plane and on vacation. This year, we brought a mini DVD player with a few new DVDs to watch. We flew JetBlue, which has little TVs at each seat, but on the way to vacation, Roozle’s TV was stuck on Fox News and on the way home the only available kids show was an incredibly inappropriate Spongebob Squarepants marathon. Instead, Roozle watched Thomas the Tank Engine, a new favorite, complete with her singing and commentary that the passengers around us were delighted about. It ruled.


Roozle got her first set of big kid LEGOs for her birthday last month and hasn’t stopped playing with them. I bought a new little construction set I found for $5 at the check out at Target to bring on the plane. It was a perfect distraction while we waited to board the plane. She then added it to the gallon sized ziploc bag full of LEGOs she packed for the trip once we arrived. They were easy to pack, fun to play with, and easy to replace if they were lost or left behind.


Last year, at barely 30 pounds, we brought our Radian carseat on vacation. She rode in it on the plane and in the rental car. It was a total pain. This year, at nearly 35 pounds, she was ready for the RideSafer Travel Vest. It starts at 30 pounds, but acts as belt positioner rather than a 5-point harness, so we weren’t comfortable putting our then 3 year old in it last year. We traveled with my parents for this vacation which meant an adult would be sitting on either side of Roozle in the car for all rides in the rental car, so we felt much more comfortable with her in it. She loved it. We did too. It is secure, comfortable, and super easy to travel with. The only problem we had is that she wants to lean a bit away from the shoulder belt which made her almost instantly fall asleep on each ride we took with it.


Last month at Roozle’s 4 year well visit, her pediatrician asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up. She immediately answered, “A swimmer.” Hilarious, but not a surprise. There is nothing this kid loves more. She still refuses to take swim lessons, but give her a Puddle Jumper life jacket and a body of water and she’s off! The Puddle Jumper keeps her upright and keeps her face way out of the water, so she loves it. We have one at my parents house on the beach too. So yes, we bought a life jacket on vacation. Twice. And brought it home. Wet. Roozle would be devastated without it.


I just started writing for the Urban Baby Bonnets blog last month (my first post went live Monday!) so they sent a bonnet for Roozle to wear on vacation. I expected it to be adorable, because seriously? But what I didn’t expect is how perfect it would be in covering her face from the sun. Our vacation was a little colder than we expected and we spent the afternoon in the heated pool to stay warm. It was cloudy and cold so we completely forgot to put on extra sunscreen in the afternoon. We all got burnt. I felt awful. BUT Roozle had her sun hat on the whole time and was totally fine. She had no problem keeping it on, it got wet multiple times and did great being thrown into the hotel room’s dryer and plopped back on Roozle’s noggin. She will for sure be wearing this all summer.

Disclosure: We paid for all these products ourselves except for the bonnet, all opinions are ours and I would’ve bought that bonnet a million times over if I had known how awesome it was. Which is why I asked them to offer you all the special secret deal included in the bonnet photo.

What are your favorites for vacation?

Author: Casey

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