Drink More Water


It’s Mini Mission Monday! I’ve fallen back into the bad habit of drinking too much coffee, iced tea, more coffee, some beer, and totally not enough water. I don’t really like water very much. Unless I am eating sushi, then GIVE ME ALL THE WATER. Maybe I should drink packets of soy sauce throughout the day to jumpstart my water drinking. Good idea.

This week’s challenge is to drink more water. It’s not exciting, but it’s good. If you already drink water, drink more. Replace a cup of coffee with water. Serve water to your family or spouse or roommate at meals. Buy seltzer. Get a fancy water bottle. Do something drink watery. Just for the next five days. You can totally do that.

Do you drink enough water?
Do you need to drink more water?
Do you carry a water bottle with you?
Do you need a water drinking challenge?
Will you join me?

If you don’t want to join in this week’s challenge, try one of the other challenges: take a photo, go for a walk, put your phone down, or do some laundry. Challenges rule. Find lifewithRoozle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tell me how it’s going.

Author: Casey

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