Take A Picture


Just over a year ago, I discovered photography with my iPhone. I’m the kind of person who cannot take a photo with a real camera. I’m too slow. I move too much. I can never find the card reader. Or remember to charge the battery.

Then I got my phone. I started taking photos. Lots of them. I started practicing. Researching. Looking to the light. I fell in love with the capturing, the glimpses, the sharing, it’s so good.

This week’s challenge is to take more photos. If you usually take pictures of architecture, try some of strangers, or your family. If you usually take photos of your children, try photos of your cat or another loved one. Challenge yourself to do a little more. Go for a photo walk in your neighborhood. Take risks. Take pictures.

Will you join me?
How does your photography need to be challenged?
What will this week look like for you?

Tag me on Instagram so I can see what you’re working on.

Author: Casey

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