This Week


This week totally ruled. It’s iced coffee season here, so Roozle and I have been walking to the coffee shop at the end of our street every day again. It’s our favorite thing. Roozle doesn’t know that Monday’s challenge was to go for a walk, but she certainly approves.

I Love The Internet was one of my favorites this week. I asked you all to tell me what your favorite posts are. Because appreciating, liking, and favoriting your own work rules. It’s my favorite.

This was our first week sleeping in our new beds. We all slept perfectly all week. Roozle has been waking up later in the morning. We’re all way happier. Maybe just because getting new stuff can be exciting and make you feel better. Maybe because these beds totally rule. I don’t really care. There are beds in my house. And it’s so awesome.

And this week was the first full week of grilling season. Unofficially. And deliciously.

What did you write this week?
What did you read?
What did you love?
What was your favorite?

Author: Casey

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