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I don’t know what my favorite post is. I can think of my favorite post by someone else, but that I wrote? It’s hard. There are a few that stand out because they mean something. I really like this post, The Evolution, a lot. Not because it’s some kind of amazing writing, it’s not, but because it’s something that I think a lot about in this space. That we’re all just evolving. Experimenting. Growing. And that sometimes it’s just about a cup of coffee. I like that. A lot.

This week’s edition of I Love The Internet is all about favorites. I asked you to submit your favorite posts. Not the favorites that you’ve read, but what you’ve written. It’s different. It’s important. If you missed the chance, you can email me a link and I will add it. Favoriting our own work is a big deal. Because we are a big deal. It’s hard to put your writing out for the world to see. One of the reasons I write every day is because I’m just too scared to stop. What would happen? Would the fear and self doubt consume me? How would I ever start again? But we do all start again. Some here and there. Some each morning. We start again. We write again. We do the work. And it’s just so good.


“But all this photography is more than just fun. It’s also evidence of an unspoken belief by all of us that what we’re doing, who we are, what we’re wearing today is worthy of documentation. It’s worthy of remembering. It’s worthy of sharing with the world. People care (or should care) about who we are and what’s happening in our lives.” -Katie Taylor, from her favorite post, Rwanda: The Pediatrics Ward.

“I can’t go with the flow because I don’t know where the river ends, and that is a terrifying thought. How will I know I have the right shoes on?”-Amber, from her favorite post, Planning for Perfection.

“Where did she get the idea that supporting gay people would get her in trouble?”-Jessica of, from her favorite post, No H8.

Wisdom is confessing that I’m scared to death this little bean won’t be mine in the end. That it will get taken away. I am relaxing into the fear, not letting it rule me.” -Erin Margolin, from her favorite post, Wisdom Never Stops.

“When I was pregnant with my daughter & getting ready to stop working outside the home, I told my husband & our financial planner that I wanted us to be millionaires by the time we were 40.” -Heather, from her favorite post, My Thoughts on Turning 40 & Failure.

“There are always things in your life that may seem out of reach.” -Dani Magestro, from her favorite post, The Facade of No Doesn’t Even Exist.

“DEAR ABBY: Can you please tell me what is not too much when meeting a new friend? I mean I think it’s a new friend, I hope so! I want her to be but don’t want to scare her away like what happened with the last new temp we had in our department…” -Alexandra Rosas, from her favorite post, Dear Abby.

“When Virginia Woolf walked into the water of the River Ourse and didn’t emerge, the stones weighing down her pockets, I can’t imagine that no one saw, but maybe that’s just because someone has usually been watching me – not known to be a strong swimmer.” -Laurie White, from her favorite post, Stones.


Share your favorite post in the comments or send me a link to add. Writing rules.

And sharing makes it even better.

Author: Casey

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