Go For A Walk


It’s Mini Mission Monday! Are you ready?

This week’s challenge rules. It’s so easy. I figured we all needed an easy one after last week’s super challenge. This week, all you have to do is walk a little bit more than you usually do.

If you already walk as a part of your commute, just walk a little bit more. Maybe during a lunch break. Or after dinner. If you already walk the dog, just walk the dog further. If you’re a runner, just add some more walking time into your cool down. And if you don’t walk much as a part of your daily routine, then start!

Like all Mini Mission Mondays, you choose what works for you. The rule is to start out small and just take on the challenge for five days: Monday through Friday. After Friday, you’re done. If you want to keep going, you can, but the challenge is over. Maybe you will discover some way you want to do something better. Maybe this week you will make more time for walking and then try to find a way to make more walking a part of your regular routine. Maybe not. Maybe just for this week, you will walk more. And that rules! Do it!

I’m going to walk for 20 minutes a day every day this week. I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Will you join me?
What will this week’s mission look like for you?
What will you commit to?

Author: Casey

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