Migraine Thursday


I love spring. Really. I do. But these spring migraines? I’ve had enough. So when I woke up this morning with part of my skull coming out of the side of my head, life didn’t rule. I have too much to do to deal with not being able to see out of one eye. Roozle had school pictures today. The house cleaner was coming. I had a Very Important Phone Call this morning. And a blog post to write.

I loaded up on two rounds of Advil, tried to drink a Whole Foods Coke (no corn syrup! Yay! Also, apparently, no caffeine. Not helpful.) and sprayed Roozle’s hair with some water so she could appear bathed for the pictures. Then I went to work. I hate Migraine Thursday.

I just want to go back to bed. Until summer arrives. Wake me up then. Thanks.

Author: Casey

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