Put Your Phone Down


After a week of phone overuse, I’m ready for a break. While at work or in the car, I listened to the radio this week for news, but when I was with Roozle, I couldn’t, so I was on my phone. Refresh. Recharge. Refresh. Too much.

I find that regulating my own screen time is a delicate balance. I am careful not to put too many rules on myself because I have so much that I do online that I love so very much, and yet, more than anything, I want to remain present in my physical life. It’s hard to balance all of that. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t.

This week’s challenge is to find ways to put your phone down. I am planning to go offline each day from 6pm to 8pm. And not just offline, no phone at all. I’m going to put my phone in my bedroom when I get home and not touch it until Roozle is in bed. Not even for taking photos. I need the break. I need a jumpstart to being more present. I need to break the cycle before it becomes a habit. Just for the week. Just to see how it goes. Just because I really need it. Less phone, more LEGOs. Less news, more of this, more of right now.

Have you found yourself plugged in more than usual lately?
What can you do to find some time in your day to unplug a bit?
Do you already have some unplugging worked into your week?
What do you do to unplug? How do you regulate your own screen time?

Author: Casey

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