Around Here


Around here, Roozle is in full dress up clothes mode every day. Apparently Roozle thinks Madeline is incredibly serious. Perhaps it’s because of that appendix situation. Around here, Roozle’s shoes are almost always on the wrong feet. And at least one clothing item is backwards.


Around here, Roozle isn’t the only one in a mug. Zoe was jealous and wanted in on the fun.


Around here, dress up clothes work so much better in layers. Tights are better when they’re backwards. The view is better when you’ve climbed something.


Around here, a live performance of Pippi Longstocking is just what a theater full of kids in Boston needed yesterday.

Around here, I am writing, writing, writing. So much. So good. This week I got an email from Huffington Post asking me to join them as a parenting blogger. I said yes. A very welcome moment of exciting news in the middle of a really hard week.

Around here, we are totally ready for a new week. Today feels like a new beginning.

Author: Casey

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