This Week


This week was a hard one, to say the least. And while the terror seems to be over, the sadness is sinking in. The realization that the results of Monday have forever changed so many families. The realization that this happens all the time all over the world. This and worse. That many people go to sleep in fear every night. I am feeling so broken for them, holding space for the broken world in my mind and heart today. A space I hope to hold for a long, long time, not just now.

And yet, in all of this, there is so much good. There are triumphs and joys and births. There are the big stories of heros and big moments. There are little stories of someone staying sober for one more day, of making time for the gym while trying to get healthy, of speaking up and sharing their story. So good. And then there’s things like Baby Mugging, hilarious and perfectly timed for some distraction when we all needed it.

This week was hard, but more than anything else, I’ve seen the light shine through. There is so much light. So much gratefulness. The healing has begun.

Author: Casey

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