We have been on lockdown here since this morning. We have been told to stay inside, keep doors locked, close windows, and don’t answer the door for anyone other than a uniformed police officer. One of the suspects from the marathon bombing is not yet in custody and is believed to be in the Boston area. Likely closer to Watertown and Cambridge, a few miles from here, but it’s not certain, so we’re all stuck.

Last night I got about three hours of sleep. I fell asleep at midnight just after the incident at MIT and then woke up at 3am when Roozle had a bad dream. I was able to get her settled quickly and checked my phone again before going back to bed. I didn’t go back to bed. It was too awful. Alone, in the dark, with the rest of my house asleep, I wept for our city. I can’t believe this is happening.

After almost a full day stuck inside, Roozle was getting anxious and we all needed a break so we snuck outside for a 10 minutes of playing on the sidewalk in front of our house. Roozle danced and ran and colored with chalk and we came back inside. As soon as we were in and locked back up, we got alerts on our phones telling us to make sure we stay inside.

While we have told Roozle about the marathon bombing, we haven’t told her anything about this and don’t plan to. It’s terrifying. I hope this is all over soon and doesn’t end up worse than it has already been. Until then, we’re holding our breath and just taking it a few hours at a time, from one press conference to the next.

Author: Casey

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