Toys We Hate

Roozle loves the water. She always has. She loves to swim, loves her baths, loves playing in the sink, and can’t get enough of her Playmobil pool. She named it “Florida.” Of course.

While I appreciate Roozle’s love for it all, I hate it. No matter how careful she is, and she isn’t, water gets everywhere. I hate the piles of soaked towels and clothes, the wet floor, the whole thing. And then it starts again.

This week, Roozle is home from school AND got a new Playmobil boat for her birthday. Determined to make it work, I found our waterproof picnic blanket and set it up in the kitchen. Roozle is thrilled, our floor is dry, all is well.

I’m still waiting, patiently, for summer. For the days we can do all of this outside and she can drip and splash all she wants. Until then, there’s a picnic blanket hanging over my shower curtain to dry.

How do you manage inside water play?
Do you ever hide your child’s toys because you don’t want to deal with them?
What toys do you hate?

Author: Casey

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