A Madeline Birthday Party


We love Madeline. What’s not to love? Twelve little girls in two straight lines, a terrifying appendix problem in the middle of the night, a dog named Genevieve. It’s perfect. So, for Roozle’s big fourth birthday, when she asked us to take her to Paris to celebrate, we knew we had to bring Madeline’s Paris to our living room.


Sparkling lemonade taste so much better with Eiffel Tower straws! I made these with some leftover labels we had, Eiffel Tower clip art, and my mom brought the paper straws she had leftover from Christmas.


I don’t think popcorn is French, but it’s one of Roozle’s favorite snacks. A little more label printing on popcorn boxes made it extra fancy.


You can’t have a Madeline party without cheese and croissants!


Balloons rule!


The balloons floated freely above our dining table and added the perfect amount of color and fun. We bought a small helium tank so we didn’t have to transport the balloons and it ended up being a lot of fun for Roozle who is a great balloon ribbon cutting helper.


Roozle has been asking for a Madeline costume for a while, so I made one this week with the felt we had leftover from her Halloween costume and a straw safari hat. She loves it.


Madeline is very serious.


Roozle and I made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting in these fancy jars. We made the tags from photocopies of her Madeline books glued onto card stock. Roozle helped.


After dessert, it was time for Pin The French Flag On The Eiffel Tower, of course.


Roozle colored in the flags. This game totally ruled.


We spent only $30 on actual Madeline party supplies: dessert plates, gift boxes, and the balloon. The rest we filled in with a color theme. It worked out perfectly.

Overall, this party worked out great. It was just for family and a few family friends, fifteen people total. They all had a great time celebrating Roozle. So much fun.

Author: Casey

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