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This week there are flowers in the garden and not snow. Roozle took this picture herself. She was so excited to see blooming flowers and real spring and only have to wear a sweatshirt this week she nearly burst. It was very exciting. It was also Roozle’s birthday week. She’s been waiting for this week since last year’s birthday, so it ruled.

The week started out with Questions For My Daughter, a post inspired by Alexandra who was inspired by Kristin. I was out writing Saturday morning when they started tweeting about their posts so it was perfect timing. I was planning to write about a laundry basket that day, so you can thank them.

Alexandra’s post: Maybe Someday They’ll Tell Me
Kristin’s post: Questions I’d Like My Children To Answer

There was lots of birthdaying. Party planning, the last day of three, the first day of four, a birthday walk at Roozle’s Montessori school (cutest ever), and the excitement of a new doll in the house.

We’ve also been doing some hard work to eat through the food we have an not waste anything. A little tricky this week, but it’s working.

I Love The Internet took a week off, but will be back next week, showing up on Tuesdays to make room for a few few features around here.

And a BIG announcement this week: It’s official! Starting next month, I will be writing for the newUrban Baby Bonnets blog twice a month! Hooray for an exciting new project! You can see the official announcement on their Facebook page.

What did you write this week?
What are you working on?
What was your favorite post this week?

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