Making It Work


Trying not to throw food away has been a major effort lately. I’ve dedicated a spot in the fridge for the half onion, bit of lemon, and few mushrooms left over from various meals in an attempt to try to use everything we’re paying for. It’s working.

Last week, two of our meals were inspired by what had to be used in the fridge. One was a big challenge: whole wheat naan and we only had ten minutes to get dinner on the table. Solution: baked garlic naan with sautéed mushrooms and onions and two fried eggs on top. It was surprisingly delicious.

This weekend, we reached a point where we had to use the tortillas Saturday night or they’d have to go in the trash. We made black bean quesadillas with mushrooms, onion, garlic, corn, avocado, and cheese. So good. Roozle said my dinner was beautiful. I agree. Then she ate all the avocado.

I’m finding that if we have mushrooms and greens for salad, we can make it work. Whatever that may be.

Do you have any tricks for your kitchen?
Any special ingredients you need to have on hand?
Have you had to be creative with a meal to use something up before it went in the trash?

Author: Casey

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