The First Day of Four


Today is Roozle’s fourth birthday. She woke up and immediately checked her height to see if she had grown. She hadn’t, but said she felt a little bit bigger. We started the day with gifts (a new doll! ballet slippers!) and donuts, per Roozle’s request.

We were all up early today for the little celebration, so we had some time before school to play outside. Running up and down our sidewalk is one of Roozle’s favorite activities. Today was especially awesome because our neighbor dog, Huck, was outside just dying for Roozle to pet him and talk to him and run away and come back. I think she told him that she knows how to open his gate and can help him escape. Or she smelled like donuts. Dogs love donuts. Or he loved her new doll who was riding in her sweatshirt.

It was a pretty good start to a new year. Life rules.

Author: Casey

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