I Have A Birthday Party Problem


My name is Casey. I have a birthday party problem. I’m a planner. Roozle’s birthday is Wednesday. She will be FOUR. This year, it will be different.

Year One:
For Roozle’s first birthday, we invited over 100 people. We made all the organic, fair trade, no food dye cupcakes ourselves. She hated them. Because she doesn’t really like cupcakes. She hated the party. Because to have a party with 100 guests, we had to have it outside. It was cold. She was miserable. And tired.

Year Two:
This year was better. We invited 14 of her closest friends to a local playspace. They took care of the clean up. The kids played. It was fine. But expensive. And a total overdo. She really didn’t care that she was there. She was two. At least this time she ate the cupcake.

Year Three:
We decided this year to join with another family in Roozle’s class. Their son had the same birthday as Roozle and it would be an easy way to invite the whole class and not have competing dates. In theory, this totally ruled. We rented a pavilion space at a local park for kite flying and playgrounding and grilled pizza and a billion cupcakes. In reality, it too ended up being a lot and I saw Roozle for about ten minutes during the whole party. She was too busy playgrounding and running off towards the open body of water with her tiny little friends. Excellent.

This Year:
I’m determined to be better. Yes, I’ve had a Pinterest Board for Roozle’s Birthday since November, but I’m not REALLY acting on it. I mean, only a little. We are having a little family party on the weekend, and a tiny cupcake decorating moment with a couple of Roozle’s friends on Sunday, but that’s it. Well, not really. She did ask for donuts the morning of her birthday and dinner at the Dogwood the night of her birthday. And a Birthday Walk at her Montessori school the day of. But that’s it. Here I go again. I can’t stop. I’m trying. I promise. The goal this year is that no matter how crazy any of it gets, I want to spend all of these smaller celebrations with her. I want it to all be about her. Not me. And so far, this year, it is.

What do you think about kid birthdays?
Are they out of control?
Do you go with it? Or try to stop the madness?
How were your birthdays as a kid?

{photo by Kelly Lorenz}

Author: Casey

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