Questions For My Daughter


Here are some questions I’d like to ask my Roozle:

When you realize you haven’t had {insert forgotten part of bedtime routine here} must you burst into tears and screaming at the initial thought of it? Perhaps you could just ask for it first?

Did you know that bandaids are for bleeding wounds and weren’t really designed for knee bumps?

Do you think you will talk about turning five as much as you’ve talked about turning four?

What do you think happens to the food on the floor of the car?

Did you know that children can wear pants sometimes and not just skirts and dresses?

How is it that you manage a solid 8 hours per day at school without changing your outfit, but when at home, you can’t seem to manage more than 24 minutes?

Can you please close the fridge?

Did you know that there will come a day when you won’t wear just your underwear to dinner?

Did you know that some parents don’t arrange their children’s food in circles around their plates?

Did you know that your parents don’t even really like the song Call Me Maybe? But we listen to it a few hundred times a week because we love how much you love it?

Did you know that one day the world will judge you based on what you know? What you’ve learned? And what you’ve experienced?

Did you know that the world has things for you that will be hard? That one day your heart will break? And then, later, it will be broken again?

Do you know how badly we wanted you? That we dreamed of you before we knew you? That we named you years before you existed? And that we just can’t get enough of you?

Did you know that sometimes you blow our minds with how awesome you are and we’re thankful every day for everything you are and everything you’re becoming?

And since my life these days is more about answering questions than asking them…

No, today is not your birthday.
Yes, it is a school day.
No, you can’t wear a sundress to school when it’s 30 degrees out.
No, you can’t have a snack three minutes before dinner is ready.
No, you can’t have a snack three minutes after you finish dinner.
Yes, I did hear your fingers snap. Yes, it was a good one.
Yes, I did see your big twirl. Awesome.
No, we’re not going on vacation today.
Yes, you can have one more book.
Yes, you can have one more tuck in.
Yes, you can always have more water.
Yes, we would love to carry you to the car.

Yes, my Roozle, we love you too.

What questions and answers to you have for your children? What would they ask you? What questions did your parents have for you as a child?

Thanks to Alexandra for the writing challenge!

Author: Casey

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