Around Here


Around here, the snow is starting to melt. We had more warm days than cold days this week. Dreams of gardens and playgrounding are starting to feel like a sooner reality.


Around here, bathing suit wearing heals the sadness of realizing a favorite dress is in the wash. Seeds are becoming seedlings. Tiny plants are carefully watched and overly watered.


Around here, there’s late night secret crafting for Roozle’s upcoming birthday, sewing, cutting, planning, and Amazon ordering.


Around here, the last of the box of bandaids is required to sooth a scratch. Mulch rides in pockets. Granola is back into the favorite category. Breakfast is served on a stool.


Around here, a box of dried pasta and the relocation of the play kitchen is turning an almost four year old into an aspiring chef. “Noodle Ice Cream” is on the menu and the servings keep coming. Around here, toy pots and pans aren’t as exciting as the real ones and we’re doing more dishes than usual.


Around here, there can never be too many friends in bed.

Around here, life totally rules. Enjoy the weekend!

Author: Casey

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