The Lies We Tell


Roozle doesn’t like beans. Not so much because she doesn’t like the taste, more that she decided she doesn’t like them and then just won’t eat them. Ever.

This weekend, while making black bean tacos, Roozle asked for a snack. I offered her a bean. She refused with a loud, “Eckskusting!” proclamation. So I asked her if she knew the big secret about black beans. She was intrigued. I told here there’s tofu hidden inside. She loves tofu. She went for it. She loved it and asked for more. I win. At lying to my kid.

I blame my parents. I’m sure they lied to us to get us to eat stuff. Or they were just mean and made us drink milk from home when we got Happy Meals for dinner as a very rare treat. Not cool, parents, not cool.

Have you lied to get your child to eat something?
Did your parents ever lie to you about food?
Anyone have any tricks to get Roozle to eat beans?

Author: Casey

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