I love April. Mostly because it’s Roozle’s birthday month, but also so much because it’s a 30 day month. I love 30 day months. There are some others, too, like June, September, and November. Four of them. I know because I just checked my iPhone calendar. Perfect for starting something new. Perfect for a good challenge.

A few years ago I tried #30daysofbiking in April. I failed. I don’t remember why, but it didn’t go well. Maybe it was cold out. I don’t like it when it’s cold out. I went on to ride every day in May and June to try to make up for it. Then I rode 150 miles in two days and didn’t ride again for months.

Last September I tried #30milesin30days or something like that. Maybe it was #30days30miles. I hope it was, that’s way better. I made it up, anyway, to get myself walking more. I hit more than 30 miles halfway through September and it started getting dark too early, so I quit, but pretended that it was a success, since I had made it more than 30 miles. The point was to walk a little bit every day, and I didn’t, so I failed.

In November I blogged every day, which is weird since I always blog every day. But saying that I was blogging every day and adding a link to the link up was way too much work. I won’t do that again.

And here we are. I really want this month to be awesome. I want more than 30 days of smoothies. Smoothies are so good, but so dumb. I really want a bigger challenge than this. But really? This is the challenge I need. These smoothies are so good for me. I feel so much better when I drink them. The days I make them, I am excited about eating healthier the rest of the day. I love the experimentation of it all. And most of all, it’s a big challenge for me because of the failure in it. There will be days that my smoothies will be gross. Like last week. I had two gross days in a row. And almost quit. In fact, I didn’t have any smoothies from Friday until this morning. I was discouraged. Because of only two bad smoothies. I need a reason to fail and keep going. Or maybe a reason to make myself just stick to the simple ones each day and not try to do so much. We’ll see.

I’m going to take this little smoothie project to Instagram because blogging about smoothies is destroying my will to ever blog again. I can’t do it anymore.

Want to join me? Tag your Instagram smoothies with #30daysofsmoothies. It will rule. I promise.

Pictured above: 2 oranges, 2 apples, 1 carrot, 1.5 cups strawberries, 1 banana, 1 quart of water. This combo is turning out to be my favorite. I always like it. It’s so tasty. Perfect to start off a month of smoothie goodness.

Are you doing a 30 day challenge?
Have you ever done one?
Did you have success?

Author: Casey

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