The Internet Takes On Marriage Equality


This week the Supreme Court and the internet took on marriage equality. In both cases, the gays won. The internet’s results are already in, while we have to wait a bit still for the SCOTUS official results. And some say we didn’t win, but I have The Hope. The BIG hope. We got this.

Facebook went red with support, twitter exploded with retweets of goodness, of love, of hope, of very good news, and then the blogs arrived. My heart is so full.

Heather, of takes on the marriage equality debate in the christian church with her post, “WHY?” with beauty, grace, and a child like simplicity.

How I Changed My Mind About Marriage Equality
Kathy, of, wrote about changing her mind about marriage equality. I love the honestly of this post. She reminds us all that it’s okay to change our minds and so good to grow.

Facebook Avatar Activism: What’s the Point?
Deb Rox, of, wrote about why changing your avatar on Facebook was so important.

House and Home
Vikki, of, wrote a post for this week reminding us how marriage inequality affects those of us on the other side of it.

Friday Night: Closer to Freedom than Ever
Carla of wrote a beautiful piece about marriage equality and passover.

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Author: Casey

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