Going Red For Marriage Equality


When I got legally married in my home state of Massachusetts in 2004 there was no Facebook. There were protests and signs and a whole lot of hate. In 2004, it was a lot easier to see the hate than the support. Mostly because there was so much of it. Even here. It was all over the news, on bumper stickers, yard signs, our neighbors signed petitions, it was all there, it was everywhere we turned.

We had a hard time finding a jeweler to even sell us wedding rings. Family members and good friends refused to come to our wedding. The first year we did our taxes, no one at H&R Block knew what to do. The country wasn’t ready for us. Even our liberal state wasn’t quite ready.

Then here we are nine years later. The haters still hate. But the support? It’s LOUD. It’s big. And it’s seemingly everywhere. Maybe that support was there before, but we couldn’t see it. Now? You can’t escape it. And that totally rules. For all of us.

Did you change your profile photo on Facebook to go red in support of marriage equality?

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Author: Casey

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