Off To Public School


On Saturday afternoon, a letter was delivered. We don’t check our mail very often, as it’s all junk usually, so waiting for the mail isn’t something we’ve ever done here. Saturday was different. Very different. Last month we entered the lottery for Boston Public Schools for a coveted K1 (pre-kindergarten) spot. On Saturday, we received the results.

Roozle got a spot. Our third choice.

The system is flawed, to say the least, with hundreds of kids unassigned and hundreds of others receiving assignments in underperforming schools miles from their homes, getting a spot is legitimately like winning the lottery. And we won. We can’t believe it.

I’ve shifted now from obsessing over the statistics of the lottery system (which is futile, as it’s about 3% strategy and 97% luck) to plans for uniforms and after school programs and how long we can go before getting a second car and who else will be in her class. I’m trying not to think too much about the transition and my little preschooler being such a big kid. Overall, we’re thrilled. Here we go.

Author: Casey

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