Balance Is Hard


Here we go again. And again. Maybe because the real struggles are the ones that just keep coming back. The ones that we’ve tried every which way to manage and still, here we are.

Stupid screen time.

Maybe the problem is that we need it? Or that once it’s on, we’re trying to avoid the dramatic and inevitable meltdown when we try to turn if off. No matter how we’ve regulated it, we’ve failed. Except that one time we went screen time free from August until October. That succeeded. That ruled.

Then it got colder. And we got sick. And then a school vacation. And one rule slipped and then another. And here we are. Balance is hard. Really hard.

Roozle woke up Thursday morning to a new rule. No more screen time in the morning. I know, we should’ve warned her. But we were too afraid we would back down. We had to just go for it. Oh the tears. Oh the screaming and shouting and ohmygodhowcouldyouchangetherulesthisistheendoftheworld. And a few minutes later, the drama was over. It was okay. There was playing and dancing and looking at old pictures of the day she was born together. We all survived.

The next day was easier. And the one after that.

If it were up to me, this child would have iPad apps on occasion and no shows or movies ever again. Unless we’re on an airplane. Because I hate them. I hate how they suck the life out of her. I hate what they do to us. But she loves them. And sometimes we need them. So, we balance. And fail. And try again. This is us. Trying again.

Do you have a struggle you keep coming back to?
Do you struggle with screen time?
What are your family screen time rules?

Author: Casey

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