I Love The Internet

The internet totally rules. This week the Catholic Church chose a new pope, Instagram ruled with yet another week of awesome (Momo is doing a juice fast! Neil is back in NYC! Harlow is on the move!) and I spent way too much time on Facebook totally freaking out about the Boston Public School kindergarten lottery (RESULTS ARRIVE TODAY).


When I first heard that the new pope was about to be announced, I nearly went to CNN.com, thinking that no one cares about the pope on twitter, my usual go to spot for news. I was wrong. Twitter REALLY cared about the new pope. While some got into heated discussions about religion and rights and much more, I just sat back and watched. I will forever hope for a day that all religious leaders can come to understand and support gay rights. I know, of course, that a day like that is very far off. You can read a bit about my own personal history with the church here.


I’ve been following Vanessa’s Instagram feed for a long time. I love her use of light and seeing glimpses of her life. Vanessa also blogs at snowinautumn.typepad.com. You can also check out her awesome #thetreehouseclub photo project on Instagram and on her blog. Follow Vanessa on Instagram: @snowinautumn. Thanks Vanessa for the permission to share your work here!

Bloggy Goodness:
This week Google announced that it will be shutting down the beloved Google Reader. This has been the service most of us have been using for years to follow our favorite blogs. Without it, we are lost. There is good news though! Feedly is a free reader I’ve been using for a while now. You can log in to FREE feedly with your google account and give them permission to manage your feeds. By doing this, you can synch your google reader goodness with feedly for now and when reader shuts down, feedly promises that they’re doing all kinds of magic on the back end to keep your feeds alive. And it rules for sharing! So keep reading! And sharing! Hooray for blogs!

Monologue by five-year-old at the foot of my bed, 7:42am by Susan Goldberg at mamanongrata.com. This is one of my favorite blogs, as I’ve mentioned before. In very exciting news, Susan let me help her set up email subscriptions this week so you can finally subscribe to her blog! Hooray! Do it! (Sign up by clicking on the post above’s link and sign up in the comment section. Tell her how awesome she is, while you’re there.)

The wisdom of an eight year old by Kristen Howerton at rageagainsttheminivan.com. Jafta totally wins the internet with this one.

Gift by Alexandra at gooddayregularpeople.com. I love Alexandra. Even her dreams are beautiful, hopeful, and encouraging.

What did you read this week?
Do you love the internet?
Do you use social media?
Are you freaking out about google reader?

Thanks for reading! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too! Come say hello!

Author: Casey

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