Around Here


Around here there are toys in the living room and puzzles on the shelf. There is new easel paper and precooked meals being heated for dinner. Around here it’s still light out when we leave work and warmer in the mornings. Around here there are some new rules like keeping boots on in the car and no movies during the week. There is snacking on apples and almonds and drinking out of tiny mason jars.

Around here the tea is always on and new smoothies are planned. There’s a Roozle on the table watching the birds and the rain or the snow or the sun. The dishwasher is always running and the laundry is piling up. We are tired and running late only to be tired and running late again tomorrow.

Around here we wait for the quiet and then there is running and writing. And then sleep. And then we start again.

Around here we’re ready for spring. It’s almost here.

Author: Casey

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