I Love The Internet

I love the internet. This week I finally caught up with my blog reader, made a bigger effort to leave some comments, and enjoyed a little more activity on the blog’s facebook page. I missed out on Twitter this week, not finding the time to be everywhere at the same time. I really need to work on that. Here’s what I loved on the internet this week. Life rules.


One of my favorite Instagrammers is Nicole Rose. She is able to capture light in such a unique and beautiful way. I love the glimpses we are able to see into her life and her loves. She’s also a blogger! I have found quite a few of my favorite blogs through Instagram and Nicole’s is certainly one of them. This week she explored honesty and the challenges of being real online in a post called The Change.

Thank you, Nicole, for permission to share a glimpse into the amazing work you’re doing! Follow Nicole on Instagram @_nicolerose_ and her blog at RoseRunsWild.com.

Bloggy Goodness
Here are a few of my favorite blog posts from the week.

The Truth About Shitty Drafts
Do you have something you’re always working on but can never get it right?

Other People Have It Mastered
Do you ever feel like you’re the only one doing it wrong?

I Wear An Internet Mask. And So Do You.
Do you wear a mask online?

Did you love the Internet this week?
Were you inspired? Challenged? Given hope? I want to hear about it!

Author: Casey

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