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It’s been quite a busy week, but we made it! It’s Friday! Here’s a little wrap up of what’s been going on over here. Just in case you missed anything.

Saturday I loved the internet, the Oscars edition.

Sunday Roozle and I went playgrounding! We have snow again today, but warmer weather is coming. There will be lots and lots of playgrounding, especially now that we are napless. The outside adventures are endless. We can’t wait.

Monday we rearranged the living room a bit to create a reading corner for Roozle in an attempt to give Roozle some other options in the living room besides just requesting watching shows. A lot of you said you have toys, games, and other activities in your main living spaces, so we’ve been working on having a bit more of that. You guys totally rule.

Tuesday we won the juice battle. Tonight when I poured her milk for dinner she announed, “Milk! My favorite!” YES. WE WIN.

Wednesday we slowed down. I’m learning a lot from Roozle’s puzzle phase. It’s good.

Thursday was all about Roozle’s five favorite preschooler apps for the iPad.

This week I also spent some time over at Saturday and Sunday wrapping up all the awesome going on over there. I will be there this weekend too, so come on over and say hi.

Yesterday lifewithRoozle’s facebook page surpassed 300 followers! Hooray! Thank you all for ruling and joining in the conversation over there.

What did you write this week?
What have you been thinking about?
Do you spend any time each week thinking about what you’ve accomplished that week?
What was a success this week? What can you hold on to?

Author: Casey

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