5 Favorite Apps for Preschoolers


Roozle calls apps on the Kindle Fire, iPad or iPhone her “work.” I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Maria Montessori had in mind. Our favorite time for Roozle to do her work is after bath. She sits on my lap while I brush her hair and she works on the iPad. This is a great time for her to try out new apps, because I don’t let her do the free ones without one of us watching her. The free apps typically have ads and in app purchases that are often not age appropriate. Not all of them are like this, of course, but some are, so we’re extra careful.

Here are a few of Roozle’s favorite apps. Join in the conversation on Facebook to share your favorite apps and see what others are enjoying.

1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Monkey Lunchbox was the first App Roozle ever used. Apple had it on the store iPads when we bought ours. Roozle loves it. We have it on both our phones and both iPads and on the Kindle Fire. The premise is that you’re helping the monkey pack his lunch for preschool. Best idea ever.

2. Toddler Teasers
This is another one we have on the Kindle and the iPad. It has a few different activities: quizzes, flashcards, and puzzles. This one was great when Roozle was younger, but she still uses it a lot.

3. First Words Animals
Roozle just started using this one and really likes it for learning letters and matching them up to make words. It’s simple and cute. We use the free version of this app, so I work on it with her.

4. Little Writer
This is one of Roozle’s favorite apps for sure. She loves all kinds of tracing. I like that you can trace pictures and not just letters and numbers.

5. Approach to Montessori Numbers
We just bought this app last week but are already really enjoying it. Roozle goes to Montessori school and thinks it rules that this app has a lot of the same materials she uses at school.

Since Roozle has started to use our iPhones and iPads a bit more often, we’ve been careful to use some safety measures, starting with a passcode. Check out this post at RageAgainsttheMinivan.com about making your iPhone/iPad safe for kids to use.

What are your favorite apps?
What do you do to make sure your phone is safe to use?
Do you have screen time limits for apps?

Author: Casey

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