Slowing Down


I tend to go a little too fast. I’m always planning, thinking a few steps ahead of where I’m at. I like to have things figured out, organized, and ready for whatever is coming next. I often get caught up in the big picture more than seeing what is right here. I see this more clearly here with this blog than with anything else. I find myself jumping ahead in my mind to what next month or next year will look like, making plans for new content and bigger and better projects. This year I set an intention for this space. That this would be my year to slow down. My only plan would be to do what I’m already doing and do it as well as I could.

So when Roozle recently started a new phase of doing puzzles, it was both great timing and a very clear challenge for me. Roozle wants us to do the puzzles with her, but will really only let us do them her way. And these puzzles are hard. I struggle with them even on my own. But for her, the struggle is the process and everything she loves about it. I like to plan every piece, but she won’t let me. She takes each piece out of my hand as I pick it up and just tries it out. She turns it a few different ways to see if it will fit and if it doesn’t, she just puts it down and tries a different one.

Because you can only do a puzzle if you slow down.

Eventually we finish. Me, sweating. Her, singing. I’m learning. I’m slowing down.

Do you move too fast?
Are you trying to slow down?
Do you play with your kids?

Author: Casey

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