The Juice Battle


We’ve been fighting the great battle with juice in this house for a while. And finally, FINALLY, we are winning. I knew this weekend that we had finally reached the point of success when we were at an art show and I told Roozle she could get some juice and she ordered milk instead. YES.

Roozle has never been much of a drinker. She eats a lot of fruit and yogurt and drank a little bit here and there, but never as much as I wanted her to drink. And it was mostly just juice. She drank water at school, but I was never convinced it was very much.

Over the past month, I have been phasing out the sugary yogurt drinks that Roozle was a little too attached to. At the same time I bought little paper cups and put a water filter in the fridge that she can pour herself. She loves getting little cups of water and started getting them a lot. We also haven’t been drinking beer much anymore, so we’re drinking a lot more water with her. That helped too.

All of these little changes got us closer, but the biggest move we made was the most unexpected. A low sugar organic juice pouch was on sale a few weeks ago, while Roozle was on school vacation. We happened to be out of juice at the time so I bought three boxes of it. We had bought this kind before and Roozle didn’t like it very much, but I thought it was just that flavor. Well, it turns out that she doesn’t like any of this type of juice. It’s so perfect. She doesn’t want it and it’s all we have. After a few days of trying to convince herself that she liked it, she finally gave up and started asking for milk or water. And when you’re almost four, you apparently don’t realize that it’s just that kind of juice and you just sort of forget about juice altogether.


Have you fought the juice battle?
Do you drink sugary drinks yourself?
Have you ever tried to cut back on sugary drinks for yourself or your family?
Do you think it’s awesome to trick small children into making healthier choices? I totally do.

Author: Casey

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