The Juice Battle


We’ve been fighting the great battle with juice in this house for a while. And finally, FINALLY, we are winning. I knew this weekend that we had finally reached the point of success when we were at an art show and I told Roozle she could get some juice and she ordered milk instead. YES.

Roozle has never been much of a drinker. She eats a lot of fruit and yogurt and drank a little bit here and there, but never as much as I wanted her to drink. And it was mostly just juice. She drank water at school, but I was never convinced it was very much.

Over the past month, I have been phasing out the sugary yogurt drinks that Roozle was a little too attached to. At the same time I bought little paper cups and put a water filter in the fridge that she can pour herself. She loves getting little cups of water and started getting them a lot. We also haven’t been drinking beer much anymore, so we’re drinking a lot more water with her. That helped too.

All of these little changes got us closer, but the biggest move we made was the most unexpected. A low sugar organic juice pouch was on sale a few weeks ago, while Roozle was on school vacation. We happened to be out of juice at the time so I bought three boxes of it. We had bought this kind before and Roozle didn’t like it very much, but I thought it was just that flavor. Well, it turns out that she doesn’t like any of this type of juice. It’s so perfect. She doesn’t want it and it’s all we have. After a few days of trying to convince herself that she liked it, she finally gave up and started asking for milk or water. And when you’re almost four, you apparently don’t realize that it’s just that kind of juice and you just sort of forget about juice altogether.


Have you fought the juice battle?
Do you drink sugary drinks yourself?
Have you ever tried to cut back on sugary drinks for yourself or your family?
Do you think it’s awesome to trick small children into making healthier choices? I totally do.

Author: Casey

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  1. Does she like “bubble water” as my tiny cousins call it? I’m addicted to the stuff myself, and ended up buying a SodaStream just to save some money. I don’t like drinking flat water, but I’ll drink 3L of bubbly water a day if you leave me alone long enough.

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    • She went through a bubble water phase when she was younger, but has decided she likes flat water better now.

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  2. We’re hard-core: it has always been water with meals and milk in the AM (while I have coffee), happy hour, before bed. Juice only at parties. 🙂

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  3. We never did do juice, and as a result, C never got into it. What we did do instead was lots of tea. His favorite was orange, but any of the fruity varieties were really appealing because they were a little tart and really interesting to his palate. He was even into chamomile, honeybush, and rooibos. We would just make a couple of big mason jars full of tea a couple times a week, and he would drink them all day long. The added bonus was his breath always smelled good. 😉

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    • I’ve thought about tea, but never could figure out how to make it work. For some reason I never considered cold tea! Thank you! And now that I think about it, she has had sips of MCB’s iced herbal teas when we’ve been out and loved it. I’m going to try this. I always wondered what kinds of teas Caemon liked when you mentioned it. Thanks for the tip.

      We got into this juice problem when she was having a constipation issue from not drinking enough water, so we started giving juice which made our drinking water problem worse.

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  4. juice is mostly parties, girl scouts, and restaurants for us, not out of design, it’s just how it has ended up. Those organic, low sugar juice pouches? i bought them for girl scouts, when it was time for us to bring treat: nobody would drink them. I throw those from the open case into smoothies and the full case went to the food bank. Perhaps they exist to wean kids off of juice?

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    • If they exist to wean kids off juice, they are TOTALLY BRILLIANT. I’m going to bring them to every party. Along with a big jug of water for when the kids are thirsty. 🙂

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  5. I rarely drink juice, and when I do I make it myself with my industrial strength food processor. I have the Health Master and love it, but there are cheaper options than that. I use mostly water with a small portion of fruit. My favorite is using a half of a grapefruit with just enough honey to sweeten it the way I like it. Lemonade is another great one. Using fruits that are low in sugar like berries is great because they taste so sweet. I also make drinks that are mostly vegetables and I choose a strong, sweet tasting fruit to cover up the taste, along with some honey. Red grapes are perfect. If you don’t have an industrial strength food processor, I highly recommend investing in one. It has totally changed my life. Also, I love tricking kids into eating healthy. My favorite trick is to make vegetable fruit popsicles!

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    • We have a juicer and also a vitamix that we love but Roozle isn’t a fan. Though you are reminding me that I should reach for that instead of a sweet drink for myself. And adding honey is genius. I need to get on that!

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      • I use raw honey as my go to sweetener. I’m sure you know of all the wonderful health benefits of eating raw, local honey. I just found a honey dealer here in Arkansas. He charms bees as a hobby and sells it at a really great price. His honey has pollen and honey comb in it, it’s completely unprocessed and raw. I bet you could find one around the JP area.

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  6. We’ve struggled with drinking with my son ever since he finished with the bottle. He doesn’t really drink anything. I actually thought about having more juice in the house so he would drink something. If we do have juice, I dilute it quite a bit. If I’m on a “drinking” kick, I introduce a new, interesting cup. Sometimes that helps. He’s now 5.5 and drinking more (finally). My daughter would just drink milk and never eat, so we’re dealing with a different challenge with her. Have you tried diluting juice from the juicer? We’ve done that for my daughter and she’s much more likely to drink it when we do.

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    • Diluting juice gradually so she gets used to less sugar without noticing might be a good idea too. I do the same thing with myself when I need to transition to less sugar and lower fat dairy products, mayo etc.

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  7. We also never had juice in the house so it wa something for parties or an occasional treat. School water bottles contained water only. So they never got into the habit. Both kids like cold decaf iced tea with lemon, though.

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  8. The Munchkin got dehydrated a few years ago. Dee called me from the emergency room. I’m kind of anal about hydration now. I thought it was funny when my then-3yo talked about being well hydrated.

    I have no advice other than to ALWAYS have something available to them.

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    • That was our big issue. Roozle got dehydrated being sick last year, then struggled with constipation issues for a bit and we just gave up and gave her watered down juice because it was all she would drink. I’m so glad we’re done with that. Now she’s drinking water all the time. PHEW.

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