I Love The Internet: The Oscars

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Last Sunday all of twitter was in a frenzy, ready to live tweet the Oscars. Because live tweeting TV is one of the things twitter does best. The only problem is that it was pretty awful. And it only got worse.

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It eventually got a little better but only because we saw less of Seth. Thank goodness. But then Anne Hathaway showed up. Everyone had a lot to say. I actually don’t even know who she is, somehow, but enjoyed the collective freak out.

anne hathaway final

Basically the only awesome part of the show was every time anyone saw Adele and how awesome she is. I tried to stay awake but couldn’t make it to the end. That didn’t matter much since I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies anyway. I really do need to go to the movies more often.

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The internet had a lot to say about this year’s Oscars long after the show was over.

Deb Rox wrote about the disaster of Seth MacFacfarlane and The Onion the morning after the Oscars in the post Seth McFarlane and The Onion Prove that Misogyny and Racism Still Rule.

And NY Magazine transcribed Seth’s sexist jokes at NYMag.com. Even though I watched the show, I was still shocked to see these jokes transcribed.

I’m shocked that we are living in a world where this is okay. And I’m shocked that I ever thought we weren’t living in that world.

Did you watch the Oscars?

What did you think?

Author: Casey

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