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It’s March! We made it! Today I’m remembering Roozle’s first March. When her first long winter was finally over. She was nearly one and we were thrilled to be outside. I think we spent the whole month at the playground. It was also a pretty tricky month for us. As Roozle neared her first birthday and still wasn’t crawling, standing, or walking, we were starting to become concerned. I look through our old photos and we were constantly trying to get her to DO stuff. She wasn’t interested. Everything turned out fine, but that was a bit of anxious time. I’m glad we were outside for it. Fresh air makes things easier. I need more of that. I’m glad March is finally here.

Here’s what happened over here this week.

Saturday I loved the internet. This was my first week of moving I love the internet to Saturday. It ruled.

Sunday we prepared for the transition back into our regular schedule. While it’s been a little bit easier with our work schedule this week, the Roozle’s late bedtimes are back and they’re still awful. We’re working on a few ways to make them better, but it’s still hard.

Monday I wrote about Roozle’s five favorite movies and shows. Of course as soon as I wrote about it, she decided that Oswald is her most favorite show ever and has watched it every morning this week after not watching it for almost a year. I love this show, so I’m not complaining. It’s the cutest.

Tuesday I wrote about our restaurant problem. One of my favorite things about writing here is that once I write about something, it becomes way easier to do it even if I’ve been struggling with it for a while. This week we haven’t eaten out at all. That did mean one night of popcorn for dinner, but still. Success!

Wednesday we were done with winter.

Thursday was the laziest blog post in the history of the world. It ruled.

You could also find me on this week where I wrapped up the week of posts there. And one of my posts here was featured on Daily Buzz Moms in their Top 9 last week about meal planning. So fun!

What did you write this week?
Are you blissed out about the start of March?

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