Done With Winter


This happens every year. At the end of autumn, I long for winter. I dream of lazy snow days in our pajamas and building a tiny snowman in the winter sun. I show Roozle pictures of the last winter and we make big plans of snow angels and jumping in snow piles.

And then winter comes. Reality sets in. Snow days are stressful with missed work and closed school. Mittens are wet and one is always lost. Boots are muddy and Roozle refuses to wear them. It only snows a few times and when it does it’s also cold and windy. We are always sick. I’m working on my second week struggling through strep throat. We’ve had the flu, asthma issues, and way too many colds. I almost forgot norovirus. That was fun.

Those lazy inside days I was longing for have turned into feelings of being trapped inside with no where to go and no motivation to do anything.

This winter feels worse than usual, but it probably isn’t. Though losing naps on the weekends and losing a normal bedtime during the week really doesn’t help.

I’m tired of warm winter dinners. I want smoothies and grilled asparagus and tofu hotdogs. I’m tired of everything inside. I want to ride my bike for miles. And then a few more. I want to load up the bike trailer before school and stop for iced coffee. I miss iced coffee. I want to go swimming after school and get ice cream for dinner. I want to sleep with the windows open and complain about dogs barking and neighbors smoking. Okay, I don’t want that part too much. But today? I’ll take it.

Roozle is feeling it too. She wants to wear sundresses and go to the playground. She is tired of wearing a jacket. She wants to bike to school. She wants to go swimming and have picnics outside. She woke up this morning and asked, “Why does it rain every day?” I don’t know, Roozle. Maybe just because it’s winter. And winter at the end of February is awful. Every year.

Welcome to New England.

Author: Casey

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