Eating Out


We have a restaurant problem. We always have. But sometimes it’s worse than other times. Some of it is our schedule. Some of it is the traffic coming home from Roozle’s school and the fact that we drive by four places to eat while we struggle to get home. Some of it is exhaustion. Some of it is that I keep failing to make another meal plan and get to the store frequently enough.

One thing I always need to remember is that eating junk at home is always better than a meal out. Meaning that the baked tofu nuggets and french fries and apples we ate for dinner last night is healthier than a restaurant alternative. Not by a whole lot, but by enough. And was a quarter of the cost. So part of this is that I need to buy more of these super easy foods for nights when we just have nothing left to offer the world. Last night was one of those nights. And we didn’t eat out. Success. Sort of.

A while back we shifted our focus onto trying to stop eating lunch (read A Broken Diet). It worked. We now only eat take out for lunch about once per week or not at all. It’s way better. We save a lot of money doing this and eat healthier lunches.

Dinner is a different story. But we’re working on it. Sometimes that means hitting up the Whole Foods salad bar for dinner instead of a restaurant. It’s Roozle’s newest favorite. It’s a start.

Do you like to eat out?
Have you ever tried to eat out less?
Do you use a meal plan?
What’s for dinner tonight?

Author: Casey

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