Five Favorites: Movies And Shows


With no school last week, we were a bit more relaxed about screen time. I fell asleep last night in a panic about it, as I do. But today we’re back on our regular screen time schedule, thankfully, so I feel better about it. Here are Roozle’s Five Favorite movies and shows.

1. Pippi Longstocking
Pippi is in heavy rotation over here. There’s lots of dancing and singing about Pippi that happens throughout any day and if we aren’t careful about suggesting something else quickly, this is Roozle’s default choice in movie watching. Because of this, she is often playing that she is saving her babies from a firey death too. While singing “My babies are on fireee” to the tune of Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. It’s awful and awesome at the same time.

2. The New Adventures of Madeline
Madeline, oh Madeline. We are back into the deep love for all things Madeline and Paris and twelve little girls and a dog named Genevieve. We love this show. This is one of my favorites because Roozle will often pause the show and dance through the house pretending to be in Paris going on a big adventure.

3. The Magic School Bus
This one is a new favorite that we are all enjoying. I remembered that the little boy I nannied for years ago loved this show, so I got some of the audiobooks on my phone. Roozle’s little mind was blown. We now have the DVDs and often watch them together. I am realizing that I know way too little about the solar system, human body, and the ocean floor. Time to study up.

4. Clifford The Big Red Dog
Clifford is another favorite. We like the books and the shows equally. Did I say we? I was enjoying the shows, until one sick day Clifford marathon, and I very much now prefer the books. I always preferred the books, but oh dear, I REALLY prefer the books now.

5. Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins is a favorite that comes and goes. We had a babysitter last week who watched Mary Poppins with Roozle and renewed interest. Roozle has been singing the songs and dancing through the house with an umbrella for days.

Each of these favorites has a non-screen alternative (or two!) that help us to direct Roozle away from the screen while still enjoying what she loves. We have Madeline and Mary Poppins soundtracks that are pretty much on repeat around here. We have the Magic Schoolbus audiobooks, and Clifford, Madeline, and Pippi Longstocking books. During the school week, we put a lot more emphasis on the alternatives than the screen.

What are your favorites?
Do you have different rules during school vacation?
Do you try to limit screen time?
What are your screen time rules?

Author: Casey

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