I Love The Internet


This week on the internet ruled. I found a roommate for BlogHer (Hi Erin!), emailed with my Bloggy Godmothers about big bloggy things, and got started on some ideas for a few new projects including something brewing for LesbianFamily. All very good stuff. I love this community. But you already know that. Let’s get started.

everyday on a bike final
I love Instagram. There I find inspiration to take better photos, glimpses into others lives, views of far away places, and sometimes the inspiration to DO something. This week’s feature is Sara Struckman. She is riding her bike every day and encouraging others to join in. You can follow the #everydayonabike tag on Instagram to see others who have been inspired by Sara’s project and are jumping in. Read more on Sara’s blog: lifesabear.com and follow her on Instagram at @sarastruckman. Thank you Sara for the permission to share your photos!

I love the internet 2.23.13 final
I love twitter. This week I discovered new blogs to read, supported friends, followed the progress of a fire here in Boston that was dangerously close to a job the company I work for is renovating, and connected with a world much bigger than my own. It’s my favorite.

bloggy goodness

An Ode To The Old Ladies At The Gym at MamaNonGrata.com

1,000 Doilies at Foxslane.blogspot.com

Ringtumdiddy at LaurieWrites.com

The Dance We Dance at StopDropandBlog.com

What did you enjoy online this week?
Who is your favorite instagrammer? Do you love the internet?
Am I reading your blog?
Comment with a link!

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I love the internet!

Author: Casey

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