Bake A Cake For No Reason


Saturday morning, Roozle and I were deep into crafting and soon decided that we were making birthday cards for her dolls Bella and Ellen. And that they are twins and it was their birthday. And what is a pretend doll birthday without cake?


After we finished the cards we headed to the store for cake mix. When we got home, Roozle asked me to make her a computer so she could look up a recipe for the cake. Good idea.


She checked her fancy little computer after each step to see what we needed to do next.


Eggs! It says we need eggs!


When the cake had finally cooled and was ready for frosting, we were so excited about decorating our little pieces that we forgot about Bella and Ellen’s pretend birthdays and forgot to sing. We decided that cake for no reason was just fine.

Note that all photos were taken within a six hour time period. Three outfit changes are represented. There were more. Roozle has an outfit changing problem.

Author: Casey

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