The Writing Process


I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing process lately. Mostly because Roozle keeps asking me about it. She’s starting to understand what I’m doing and is really good at asking questions. In explaining to her that I am doing my “writing work” I’ve realized that she doesn’t see me doing actual writing very often. So I’m working on that. More writing. More pen to paper. Because if I want her to see me as a writer, she needs to see me actually write. She’s seeing a lot more of that these days.

My process looks a lot like what you see above. My trusty steno pad and pen. Lots of post it notes. A file folder. A stack of blog posts or articles I’ve read recently that I’m loving and thinking about. A few pages of drafts. My iPad and keyboard. And a schedule. I love my schedule. I change it a lot, but having it and keeping it going (even with changes) is what helps me post every day. If I had to come up with an idea for a post each day the day before, I’d never be able to write every day.

I have a schedule of what to write about, usually two weeks out, with ideas and themes outlined ahead of time. Then I just fill in with posts and new ideas as I work on it. Most Sunday mornings I sit on the couch with Roozle for a bit while she watches a show or plays and I work out my schedule. And drink a lot of coffee. I love those mornings.

Writing Challenge:
I want to hear about how you do your Writing Work. Write about your writing process and post a link in the comments. What’s your process? What are your favorite tools? Do you do all your writing on paper or an iPad or on a computer? Do you have a schedule?

Author: Casey

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