Still Hungry


More and more lately we’re hearing complaints of “But I’m hungry!” after dinner around here. It’s a combination of a bit of pickiness during dinner, a little too much playing/talking/wiggling and not eating during dinner, and not wanting to go to bed. We have been allowing fruit or yogurt after dinner on nights there is time for it, but would rather not if we can avoid it.

Reading an article about this tonight on Motherlode, I realized that this is a common problem, and we’re just at the beginning. In that post, the children were much older and are making themselves dinners after dinner, around here Roozle is just complaining dramatically throughout the house. And opening the fridge for long periods of time. If Roozle really is hungry, then we want to give her something to eat.

One thing that helps is loading up Roozle’s Plate with some of the things she would be choosing to have as a snack after dinner, to bring a little more attention to dinner time. This works sometimes, but not always.

How do you feel about snacks after dinner?

Author: Casey

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