Snowed In


First it was exciting. Then it was awesome. And now, after two days of cancelled school and work, and day four of not leaving the house, it’s starting to lose it’s charm. This morning we woke up to our street still unplowed and I couldn’t take it anymore.


While the streets around us were getting plowed one by one, we were skipped. Eventually enough people hired private plows that the main part of our street became usable, but the top of our street with 10 triple deckers remained untouched with still over two feet of snow.


I took our story to twitter and within an hour I was on the street being interviewed by CBS News. As of right now, the street still isn’t plowed. During much smaller storms, we often see plows regularly going down our street, salting our hill, plowing over and over. That was certainly not the case for this storm.

Roozle has watched way too many movies and ate her way through the last of our food today while we worked from home. Thankfully her school is breaking policy and opening tomorrow even though Boston Public Schools will be closed. We are all looking forward to getting back into our usual routine.

You can watch the piece on CBS Boston News featuring myself and my awesome neighbor Shirley here.

Author: Casey

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