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I’ve been writing a bit more lately than usual. I signed up for to start writing 750 words a day. I even committed to it for the whole month of February. And then yesterday February started and I didn’t, so there’s that. But there is writing. More than usual and more than just here. And I like that.

Here’s a little wrap up of what I’ve written here this week.

Sunday we were In Transition. Roozle giving up her nap at home and keeping it while at school has been a disaster for our rhythm around here. We now have a grumpy up too late Roozle every night during the week and very tired moms who need more of a break. We know this is a phase and it will end. Maybe even soon. But for now, it’s hard. And that’s okay. Some parenting moments are harder than others. This is certainly one of them.

Monday was the confession of the year: I don’t really like lentils. I know. Hard to believe. I’m working on being kind to myself this year and lowering some of my standards that often make me feel like I am less. It’s hard. But it’s good.

Tuesday I wrote about our go to dinners that we always have on hand and all enjoy. Baked fake chicken! For the win!

Wednesday I wrote about talking to Riley about the word gay and about the awesome Gay Dad Project! Congratulations to them for meeting their fundraising goal last night!

Thursday I wrote about our grocery list and how having a few things we always get for Roozle’s lunch has been really helpful in knowing what we need.

Friday I loved the internet. AND my Jesus Camp post was featured on Schmutzie’s Five Star Friday post! I am so excited and honored to be included with such amazing work!

What did you write this week?

Author: Casey

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