Gay is Okay


Riley doesn’t know what the word gay means. It has never come up. We talk about all different types of families and different kinds of marriage, but we’ve never used the word gay with her. And we probably won’t for a bit. But we don’t plan to wait very long.

My friend Dresden wrote about the importance of knowing what words mean in a recent post on her blog. She told the story of calling a classmate a fag in frustration when she was in second grade because she didn’t know what the word meant.

Riley will soon learn that gay is a word people use with hate, unfortunately. That’s the world we live in. We want her to learn that gay is a beautiful word, first. That we can be proud of our family and our love even though we may be different. Even though she already knows that part, just doesn’t have the words for it.

My friend Erin recently told her seven year old daughter what gay means. Erin has a gay dad and is a part of the awesome Gay Dad Project. Erin and her daughter made a video this weekend talking about what it means to be gay. This kid is amazing. Check out the video here:

What do you think? Do you think it’s important for your kids to know what these words mean? Will you wait until they learn the words from hate and correct them?

Author: Casey

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